quick update. i haven’t been updating this often because i dont have many parts to do this and it was getting expensive because gas is expensive.

here’s a link to convert a spare windows mobile phone into a ip cam which can be viewed on a network:


i tried ip cam for android and it works but i started thinking about bandwidth because streaming video is about 500-800kb per second. that’s a lot of data especially since vm 3g mobile data plan is 2.5gb capped. there is a “low bandwidth” profile for android ip cam that can reduce it to about 3kb/s which is good. but 3kb*60*60*24/1024. thats about 253mb per day per camera.

i remember thinking if there was possibly a way to place a datarate bandwidth cap on the device itself. software-based bandwidth cap on the device “center” ?????

need to set up a VPN access point for this. found openvpn appliance, gonna try that out but need to erase a computer to use as a dedicated server.

might be able to expose some stuff using localtunnel by progrium. i need to read more about that.


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